Riverland Conservancy provides wildlife habitat, protects biodiversity, and improves ecosystem function by restoring and managing natural communities on its preserves in Wisconsin and Iowa.

  • Restoration

    The goal of our restoration program is to soften the human-induced alterations to the landscape that have occurred since European settlement and to encourage diverse native habitats and wildlife species. Learn More ›

  • Land management

    Restoration can be most successful through ongoing, active management of the work we have done. We actively work to maintain our restorations using several techniques. Learn More ›

  • Protection

    Protection of the environment can be achieved through both specific initiatives and routine activities. We offer low impact recreation and buffers, as well as specific management activities designed to protect sensitive habitats and natural communities. Learn More ›

  • Easement Transfer

    October 2017

    Riverland Conservancy recently transferred the conservation easement for the Gallus Slough area (approximately 350 acres) at the Merrimac preserve that it held with Wisconsin Power and Light Company to Groundswell Conservancy, Inc. (formerly Natural Heritage Land Trust). This conservation easement transfer has no impact on Riverland’s commitment to its remaining land holdings.  Riverland has a rich tradition of land stewardship and fostering partnerships at its preserves. Riverland’s Merrimac preserve is a treasure, encompassing more than 1,700 acres of forest, prairie, savanna, wetlands and streams in southcentral Wisconsin. The preserve provides an integral wildlife corridor between the Baraboo Bluffs and the Wisconsin River.  We welcome Groundswell Conservancy and their commitment to land stewardship. Groundswell Conservancy is an independent, publicly supported local land trust that is highly regarded among state and regional governmental agencies, other nonprofit organizations and environmentalists. Riverland and Groundswell will be partners and good neighbors in Merrimac, Wisconsin.