Who We Are

Riverland Conservancy’s mission is to promote the conservation, protection, and restoration of the lands, waters, and natural communities that comprise our environmental heritage. We accomplish our mission through three main initiatives: education, stewardship and partnerships.

Riverland Conservancy, Inc. began in 1997 as Wisconsin Power and Light Stewardship Trust, Inc. through the generous donation of lands and equipment by Wisconsin Power and Light Co.  In 1999, Wisconsin Power and Light Land Stewardship Trust, Inc. changed its name to Riverland Conservancy, Inc., but continued to focus on the restoration and preservation of the Merrimac Preserve near Merrimac, WI.  In 2002, Interstate Power and Light Co. donated land near Lansing, IA to Riverland Conservancy, resulting in the addition of the Lansing Preserve to the lands owned and managed by Riverland Conservancy.

Riverland Conservancy, Inc. is a charitable organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and a private operating foundation under section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Organization

    Riverland Conservancy Board of Directors

    • Robert Bartlett
    • Tom Hanson
    • Kathy Lipp
    • Randy Zogbaum
    • Dan Halvserson
    • Carol Schutte

    Riverland Conservancy Officers

    • Tom Hanson – President & Treasurer
    • Linda Lynch – Secretary
  • Merrimac Preserve

    • The Merrimac Preserve encompasses more than 1,700 acres of forest, prairie, savanna, wetlands and streams in south-central Wisconsin.
    • The preserve provides an integral wildlife corridor between the Baraboo Bluffs and the Wisconsin River.
    • Trail Parking Area is located at S6888 State Hwy 113
  • Lansing Preserve

    • The Lansing Preserve is approximately 200 acres along the Mississippi River in northeast Iowa and consists of steep bluff faces, deciduous forest, and former agricultural fields.
    • The preserve serves an important function for both migrating and nesting birds and supports a diverse avian population.